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Menu of Services

Massages (Children's Pricing Available ages 6-12)

Target Massage - 30 Minutes
This massage targets a specific area of the body to help you relax away discomfort where you need it the most
The Relaxer (Swedish) - 60/ 90 Minutes
This basic massage will help you relieve daily stress through the use of long, flowing strokes. It helps to gently improve circulation and reduce minor tension throughout the body.
$85/ $115
Tension Tamer (Integrative) - 60/ 90 Minutes
This massage, which combines multiple bodywork techniques, is designed to help treat minor discomfort and knotting in the body due to physical exertion. It is great for people who have a physically demanding lifestyle.
$95/ $120

Target Pregnancy Massage - 30 Minutes
Tailored to the needs of expectant mothers, this massage targets a specific area of the body to help you relax away discomfort where you need it the most.
Pregnancy Massage - 60 Minutes
A massage designed to help expectant mothers better adjust to the changes going on as their new bundle of joy is growing.
True Deep Tissue 60/ 90 Minute
This massage targets a specific area of the body. The practitioner works layer by layer to release tension that has infiltrated deeper into the body. Massage may include Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofascial Release, other Medical Massage Techniques. Massage does not necessarily include deep pressure.
$130/ $155
Stretch & Release - 2 Hours
This 2 hour massage features stretching techniques from head to toe. A great way to increase flexibility and release unwanted tension in the body.


Traditional Thai Massage- 90 minutes
Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays only. This is an ancient healing technique combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. Traditional Thai Massage is performed on a floor mat. You will need comfortable stretchy clothing (such as yoga clothes) and must be able to get down to and up off of the floor with only minor assistance. (Must be booked by phone or email)




Cupping Therapy

Introduction to Cupping Therapy
The body needs to be able to adjust to Cupping Therapy or you may end up feeling worse long before you start feeling better.  This introduction to cupping will include light suction and flowing movement that is easy on the body and still provides relief from light to moderate body tension.

TMJ Release
Cupping for TMJ dysfunction and pain.
Facial Rejuvenation
A great, healthy way to get younger, healthier looking skin on your face.  This treatment uses fractionated Coconut oil (light, delicate, food grade oil very safe for the face) and light suction to 'iron' out wrinkles and lines, while detoxifying the skin and cells.

Respiratory Therapy
Do you have COPD?  Are you in the beginning stages of a Cold? Do your lungs feel congested?  This quick cupping Method helps to dislodge mucus build up from the lungs.
Lymphatic Drainage (legs/ entire body)
This light suction therapy aids in reducing the build-up of fluid throughout the body. All cupping has the added bonus of detoxification of the cells and surrounding tissue of the area being worked.
$50/ $70
Muscular Release (30/ 60 minutes)
This style of cupping uses dynamic or static cupping methods with Range of Motion to provide relief from conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis and frozen shoulder. Silicone Cups are placed on the affected muscles while the therapist stretches and moves the area creating a deep, comfortable muscular release.
$45/ $65

Cellulite Treatment
A natural and effective way to reduce and eliminate cellulite from your rear and legs.  Depending on the level of cellulite, multiple treatments may be needed to completely eliminate the cellulite. Suction pump cups are used statically while the tissue is stretched.

Abdominal Release
Do you want a firm yet smooth looking tummy?  Or relief from conditions such as IBS, Crohn's or Celiac Disease? Abdominal Cupping may be the treatment that you've been looking for! Also, the digestive system takes in the most toxins and harmful substances so the detoxifying qualities of Abdominal Cupping benefits everyone!


 Specialty Services and Add-ons (More Options Available)

Ear Candling General Cleanse  (20 minutes)
Ear Candling Deep Cleanse  (45 minutes)
Helps to improve sinus congestion and pressure which may include excessive wax build-up in the ears. A general cleanse is 1 candle per ear and a deep cleanse is 2 candles per ear.

Reiki 30 Minute Target Treatment
Reiki 60 Minute Treatment

An Energetic Healing modality meaning “Spiritual Life Force.” The practitioner places their hands lightly above or onto the body to help ease any energetic blockages.


Service Enhancements

Any of the following treatments may be added to the service of your choice without adding any time to that service. These items are subject to sales tax.



Hot Towels (feet and back)


Aroma & Hot Towels


Cupping Add-on

Paraffin Hands

Paraffin Feet

Paraffin Hands & Feet

Targeted Hot Stones

Targeted Stones, Hot Towels, & Aroma