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Offering an alternative means for pain management and preventative healthcare.



We look forward to offering you the best care possible!

The goal of 5 Points Wellness is to offer a better alternative for pain management and preventative health care. We offer the Best Massage at the Jersey Shore at the right price and retain an ICTA certified cupping therapist on staff.

5 Points Wellness is client centric. What does that mean?  We take the time to take care of YOU right! That's why every appointment receives an extra 30 minutes of booking time.  This way you should never feel rushed and when it comes to massage, you'll get the time you booked hands-on!  We want you to feel good about your care, so please ask us questions about your care and make sure you fully understand your options for achieving better health.

We know that the economy is not the greatest, so 5 Points Wellness offers packages, memberships and bundles to help make your care more affordable. To find out more about how regular massage can improve your health and quality of life, check out the Benefits of Massage Page.

Do you have questions about massage or what to expect from 5 Points Wellness?  Check out the Frequently asked questions link. For more information on Cupping Therapy click on the Cupping Therapy link.  If the answer you're looking for is not on the site, please fill out the contact form and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.  You may also call the office, if that is more convenient.


Kimberly Campbell LMT

NJ Lic# 18KT00315200


Online Booking is available! Check out the link on the Scheduling Page! 


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